Monthly Archives: May 2019

How to reuse Cannabis Stems

Wondering what to do with cannabis stems? Don’t throw them away. While you don’t want to smoke stems – hello headaches – there are plenty of other uses for them. Get the most out of your stash and reduce waste by putting your stems to good use. Make a Hemp Wick Hemp wick is an […]

Happy Victoria Day!

“If it weren’t for the Crown, there wouldn’t be a Canada. We’d be part of the United States.” ~ Victoria Day is the day to celebrate our democracy, our Parliamentary traditions – all of those core features of Canada we cherish and have thanks largely to the Crown. But you should also just have some […]

Mother’s Day SALE at Weemo

Happy Mother’s Day! It has been a WONDERFUL 2019 thus far!  We are excited for Mother’s Day, another chance to keep bringing you top quality service and goods. We wanted to send our warmest wishes to all of our customers this weekend! Celebrating Mother’s Day always fills our hearts with joy here at WEEMO. So you too […]

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