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Weemo Blog Events Best Online Dispensary Canada 2019 – Review
October 28, 2019

Best Online Dispensary Canada 2019 – Review

Best Online Dispensary Canada 2019 – Review

best online dispensary canada 2019
best online dispensary canada 2019

We want to know who is the Best Online Dispensary in Canada for 2019!

We trust your judgment, Canada. So much that we’re handing over the reins and letting you tell us what’s good in our vast country. Have a favorite indica? Let us know. What about the best rewards program? Let us know that, too!

From the best pre-rolled joint to the Best Online Dispensary, we want to hear from you. Fill out the survey below. Please share with your friends and followers, vote by Nov 11. and read our year in review in December.

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Some customer comments from across Canada!

Kind Labs Disposable Vape pen – “Great pen! Pulls great.
Nice smoo-ooth shaft. Feels great between the fingers. It’s nice to bite on, but just a little bit. ????

SUPER inconspicuous. LOVE THAT!

High gets a W-T out of a possible W-T-F.
It gets you thurr…
but it isn’t mind blowing.”

Kind Labs Disposable Pens
Kind Labs Disposable Pens

Kind Labs Pens are available at different online dispensaries across Canada.

Dolato #3 – “Super frosty, good cure, true to the description. Fragrant but not loud af, sweet pine with just a hint of gas. I taste more gas than I smell, burns right w white ash. Not a creeper, it come in fast and ready to party. Super relaxing, head focused. Wouldn’t recommend as a daytime smoke for beginners that have things to do later lol. Small to medium nugs in my half oz, a couple extra sugar leaves but a decent trim otherwise. The orange of the pistils really pops against the light green background, lots of bag appeal.”

The quest for the Best Online Dispensary in Canada doesn’t end here!

Keep reading to vote for more of your favourites of 2019!

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D420k Rosin – “This was my first time trying Rosin came in the congo pack…. love it the concentrated flavor and the potency is amazing. I wasn’t sure how much to use so I used as much as I would oil for a hot knife, I think that was a little to much because the wife asked what I was doing and I responded ” Folding the dishes”’

Mota Canna Cocoa – “I’m not usually a fan of hot chocolate but I thought I would give this a go after already having the “MOTA Canna Iced Tea”. It’s rich and creamy and comes with whole mini marshmallows. Delicious! I’m toasty warm and well medicated.”


The Spark of Life CBD oil – “Best CBD oil I’ve ever had. Other stuff made me just sleepy. This stuff gives me clarity even when I smoke flower and kills all the paranoia.”


They have Great reviews for other Online Dispensaries across Canada. We compiled our list from countless reviews left during 2019!

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