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Weemo Blog Events Best way to smoke Shatter
March 20, 2020

Best way to smoke Shatter

If you haven’t come across shatter yet, there’s still a chance for you to have your redemption story, my friend. First things first. Let’s get some theory straight: among other cannabis extracts, shatter is the purest one – you can buy it from our online dispensary. Its glass-like transparency and amber hue combine with the highest terpene amount of all cannabis extractions available on the market. That’s why it’s important to know how to smoke shatter.
If you’re looking for a cannabis concentrate that, in addition to giving you a powerful high, makes the pleasant feeling last for an impressive period, shatter is your to-go product.

But how do you smoke shatter?

Well, this concentrated form of weed can be consumed in several ways. Remember to keep your wits about you, as not every method of consuming this form of weed is suitable for beginners. That being said, I’m here to assist you in order to help you find the best way to smoke shatter.

Add It To A Joint

Mark my words, this is one of the easiest ways to smoke shatter for concentrate rookies. Just crumble it or roll it into a snake, then put it on top of your cannabis before you roll a joint. This allows you to see if you even want the additional fuel in your cannabis.
When it comes to drawbacks, the major one is that you won’t be able to fully indulge yourself in the concentrate directly. Also, much of your shatter will end up wasted during the smoking process. That being said, if you have no other choice and you’re short on equipment, you could also vaporize your concentrates.

Smoking Shatter with a Cigarette:

Similar to smoking shatter with a joint, the only difference is you will apply shatter to the outside or end of your cigarette.
If the shatter is glassy, put a small amount on the ember of your smoke, and it will melt into the cigarette. If the shatter is a bit sticky, you can put it on the outside of your cigarette and it will burn as you smoke.
Be cautious, as if you apply too much it will be very hot and melt down to your fingers. Also there is potential to waste the shatter, unless you control it, some will drip off before it is burned.

How to Smoke Shatter in a Vape Pen

Is Shatter Better Than Wax?

This is a subjective question. Depending on your preferences, either shatter or wax may be your favourite. Shatter is harder and glass-like compared to wax, which is soft and malleable. Since the extraction process is quite similar, it may be better than wax in that the final product is more visually appealing. Wax is thick and opaque due to concentration at a different temperature and humidity. They can both test up to 90% THC.

How much is a gram of Shatter?

$35-$45 a gram on our website.The price of a gram of shatter depends on the quality of the buds used for extraction. Nug run is usually more expensive than trim run shatter. The average for trim run is $35-$40 whereas nug run can be up to $50 per gram. These prices all depend on the producer’s supply of cannabis, as it’s the foundation for the product. There may also be a difference between whether it’s extracted with CO2 or Butane, CO2 being more expensive.

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