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Weemo Blog Events How To Carve A Pumpkin Bong
October 17, 2019

How To Carve A Pumpkin Bong

Pumpkins. The ubiquitous autumnal gourd. Sure, you could carve one out to make a spooky jack-o’-lantern. You could dry and roast the seeds for a flavorful snack. Or you could even process the guts to make the filling for a delicious pumpkin pie. But truly, the most ghoulishly awesome thing you could do with your gourd this Halloween is to carve it into a super-scary pumpkin bong. Here’s how.


Pumpkin Bong – Pumpkin Spice Variation

Follow these steps to set yourself up with a wicked Halloween smoking device. Pumpkin bongs are easy, fun and eco-friendly. Alright ghouls and goblins, here we go.

Things you may or may not need!
  • Dab tool or other sharp object
  • Bong (waterpipe)
  • Spoon
  • Knife
  • Permanent marker
  • Pumpkin

Step 1: To Gut Or Not To Gut?

Even though the center of a pumpkin is filled with slimy innards and seeds, the cavity is, for the most part, hollow. Those slimy strands, by the way, are called the “placental tissue.” The pumpkin, after all, is a fruit, which is basically the botanical version of an ovary.

The good news is that making a pumpkin bong doesn’t require you to scoop all the guts out. The smoke will fill the vacant space in the cavity, and the guts will tinge it with a fresh, pumpkin flavor.

Of course, you could try to empty out the guts, making the cavity of your bong much more spacious. But doing so will reduce how air-tight your pumpkin bong will be.

Step 2: Drill, Baby, Drill!

The important point here is to make sure smoke gets from your weed, through the pumpkin, into your mouth. You’ll need two or three apertures in the pumpkin to make this happen.

Variation 1: Carving A Weed Bowl

If you don’t have a glass down-stem, you’ll have to carve the weed bowl into the pumpkin itself. Pick a spot near the top of the pumpkin, so your weed doesn’t fall out.

Then, start carving out a bowl-shaped hole, but don’t break through the meat of the pumpkin. If you do, plug it up and start over.

Once you have a shallow bowl, use a screwdriver, drill bit or skewer to punch a hole through the pumpkin into the hollow center cavity. The hole you punch should be fairly narrow, so you don’t suck your ground up flower into the pumpkin.

Variation 2: Using A Glass Down-Stem

If you’re using the down-stem from your bong, ensuring a tight fit is key. Start with a small hole and slowly widen it until you can just barely squeeze your down-stem into it.

You should have to force the down-stem into the pumpkin flesh. If it’s too loose, you’ll suck air and won’t get a good hit.

With the weed-bearing portion of your pumpkin bong set up, now it’s time to drill the mouthpiece and carb.

Think ergonomically. Hold the pumpkin and figure out where the most comfortable place to put your mouth and to cover a carb would be so that you don’t tip the gourd over and dump your flower.

Generally, you’d put the carb near the bowl or down-stem hole, with the mouthpiece on the other side of the pumpkin, keeping your face free from the flame.

Drill these last two holes deep into the center of the pumpkin. Imagine lines of intersection at about 45 degrees, all meeting in the middle.

Step 3: Test Run your Pumpkin bong!

Before sparking up your spooky pumpkin bong, test the airflow. Suck through the mouthpiece and practice releasing the carb.

You should feel the pressure build up and notice sucking sounds coming from the bowl or down-stem. If not, break out the drill or skewer again and swirl it around the interior of the pumpkin. You probably just have to get some of the guts out of the way.

Finally, check for excess moisture. You can wipe away the water that forms on the rim of the holes you drilled, or wait a bit for them to dry up.

As a last resort, you can line your weed bowl with aluminum foil to prevent the water from soaking your stash. That’s one advantage of using a down-stem if you can.

Pumpkin Bong – Clean Smoke Variation

There are a few different methods of making a pumpkin bong. In this next method, you will use your own waterpipe as the water chamber to keep your smoke clean. In other methods, people use the pumpkin as the water chamber.

Step 1: Trace (Top)

Firmly grasp your bong and carefully flip it upside down on top of the pumpkin, so that the mouthpiece is covering the stem. Using your permanent marker, carefully trace around the mouthpiece leaving a black circle on the top of the pumpkin. (Tip: Be sure to avoid getting any permanent marker on your glass. It may not come off!)

Step 2: Trace (Bottom)

After you have traced a circle around the mouthpiece, flip over the pumpkin (it should now be upside-down) and place the base of the bong on top of the pumpkin. Again, using your permanent marker carefully trace a circle around the base of the bong onto the pumpkin.

Step 3: Cut (Bottom)

Using your knife, carefully carve out the large circle that you just traced around the base of the bong on the pumpkin. Be sure to cut all the way through the pumpkin, so that you can easily remove the center-piece.

Step 4: Remove the guts

Now that you have removed the large center-piece, it is time to take out the guts! Using your spoon, scrape the inside of the pumpkin, so that all of the guts and seeds detach from the walls. Once everyhthing has been scraped off, remove all of the excess guts and seeds, so that the pumkin is clean and hollow.

Step 5: Cut (Top)

After you have cleaned the inside of the pumpkin, flip it over so that it is standing upright. Using your knife, carefully cut along the line around the stem of the pumpkin. Be sure to cut all the way through the pumpkin. so that you can cleanly remove the stem.

Step 6: Align the bowl

It is time to slide the pumpkin over the bong. To do this, pick up the pumpkin (larger hole facing down) and carefully slide both holes of the pumpkin over the mouthpiece of the bong until the pumpkin is sitting firmly on the table. Once the pumpkin is over the bong, it is time to align the hole for the bowl piece. To do this, you will have to reach into the pumpkin (from the bottom) and find where the hole is.

Once you have found that spot on the inside of the pumpkin, try and visually match that point on the outside of the pumpkin. Next, carefully press your knife through the outside of the pumpkin and into the hole of the bong, so that your hole in the pumpkin will align when you cut it out. This hole will be where you carve out the piece for the bowl.

Step 7: Cut hole for the bowl

Now that you have aligned the hole for the bowl piece, take your knife and carefully cut out a circle in the pumpkin (large enough to fit the bowl piece through) where you marked the pumpkin with your dab tool in the previous step. Make sure your hole is large enough that you will easily be able to insert and remove the bowl piece.

Step 8: Insert bowl into the slide

Now that you have cut the final hole into the pumpkin, it is time to prep your pumpkin bong for smoking! Be sure to fill up your bong with water, insert your slide into the pipe, pack your bowl with some grade-A cannabis, and insert your bowl piece into the female. Your pumpkin bong is ready to smoke!

Step 9: Smoke the Pumpkin Bong!

Grab your lighter, meet up with some friends and have a Happy Halloweed toking with your buds! You may not have a traditional jack-o-lantern, but you will definitely be the center of attention at any Halloween party you attend!


Do you want to take your pumpkin bong to the next level?! Use a larger bong and multiple pumpkins to create a quad-pumpkin bong like we did by stacking the pumpkins on top of each other!

Want to see your pumpkin bong get a feature from us? Be sure to use the hashtag #PumpkinBong on any photos and videos you post up of your pumpkin bong creations, so that we can give you a shoutout!

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