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Weemo New Payment Procedure

New Payment Procedure

Weemo’s new procedure for taking EMT payments

To all of our valued customers, Weemo is implementing one final change in our payment procedure. Unfortunately, the protonmail email we have been using will not  operate with our new software. Therefore we have had to revert back to gmail. All previous rules will still be enforced. See below.

New payment email:

Security Questions: What country are we in?

Answer: Canada

All customers MUST create a new EMT contact with the new email provided above. The name of the payee will be weepay. The security question will remain the same.

When sending an EMT, please make sure that in the comment section it only states the invoice number. Anything relating to cannabis or Weemo in the payment comment or in the payee name will be cause for cancellation of the current EMT and a new one will need to be sent with all of the proper information required.

It is preferred that all customers change this information right away as it will save time and efforts for both parties.

Thank you greatly to all of our valued customers for understanding this change and helping us protect all of you as well as our team!

If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to

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