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Weemo Products Concentrates Shatter Craft Concentrates Shatter *SALE*

Craft Concentrates Shatter *SALE*

(2 customer reviews)
$50.00 $40.00

Craft Concentrates Shatter


Craft Concentrates Shatter

Craft concentrates strives to produce the most innovative cannabis products on the market. We strive to maintain the highest levels of customer service for our customers and end users. These end users are our biggest fans and we are theirs. Our goals are to be relentless in our pursuit to create a remarkable experience for them. The Craft team is passionate about the handcrafted products we produce, and compassionate about our cannabis community.

Additional information

Craft Concentrates Shatter

OG Shark, Rockstar, Black Tuna, Hindu Kush, Purple Voodoo, Sky Walker

2 reviews for Craft Concentrates Shatter *SALE*

  1. Ken

    Enjoyed every one of Craft shatter. Didn’t hit like some top shelf but was super tasty.

  2. undrgrndkng

    Worthy of 4 stars for its color and taste, I would recommend to others.

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