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Weemo Products Flowers Indica Craft Grown Premium Flower – Blue Jagger

Craft Grown Premium Flower – Blue Jagger

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SKU: **F1-AIB-020-0

Craft Grown Premium Flower

Introducing the ALL-NEW Craft Grown Premium Flower Line. We take pride in selecting only the finest, organically grown cannabis. Each lineup runs through intensive screenings to determine the best unrivaled aromas, flavors and effects. In searching for these qualities, we are inspired to present the perfect combination of quality traits to deliver an unparalleled cannabis experience.

Blue Jagger is an indica strain .It establishes bag appeal right off the bat with large chunky buds. They are spade shaped with a broad base that tapers off to a point. Dark green in colour with tendrils of orange pistils, Blue Jagger has a heavy coating of crystalline trichomes. Sweet licorice and an earthy musk are the prominent notes of this strain, with a subtle zest of citrus on the undertone.

The high is full-bodied but despite the relaxing properties, Blue Jagger has enough sativa potency for a clearheaded effect – making it useful for mentally engaging pursuits.  Blue Jagger is also great for taking care of deep-seated aches and pains, whether temporary or chronic. This strain is known for having THC ranges of 18%-25%.

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