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Weemo Products Concentrates Shatter Dick Punch Extracts Shatter

Dick Punch Extracts Shatter


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Nug Run

1 Gram of shatter

SKU: **C3-DPE-005-0

Dick Punch Shatter

At DickPunch Extracts we truly believe in the benefits of extracts and love getting high. We started DickPunch because we love creating new things. We enjoy researching and developing new products we want to see in the market. Best of all, we bring these products to life and get to see other people enjoy our creations. Get dickpunched with our vapes and concentrates!

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Death Bubba (I), Strawberry Cheesecake (I), Duke Nuken (H), Super Lemon Haze (S), Grapefruit (S), Pineapple Express (H), Raspberry Kush (I)


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