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Weemo Products Flowers Hybrid Hybrid Trim *SALE*

Hybrid Trim *SALE*

(2 customer reviews)
$75.00 $35.00

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This is hybrid trim collected from our processing of strains. It’s great for making edibles! We’ve included a boveda to keep it from drying out.

SKU: F6-DUV-002-0

Hybrid Trim

1 Ounce of hybrid trim.

Trim is any part of the cannabis plant that is removed during the manicure process. Trim is typically collected just after harvest (though many fan leaves may be removed prior to this) as you work to shape your buds into attractive little nuggets of joy.

See our blog to find out how to use this trim to make your very own canna butter!

2 reviews for Hybrid Trim *SALE*

  1. Jay Chou

    okay for baking with

  2. Jovan

    great option for baking

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