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Weemo Products Flowers Flower Sales Purple Space Cookies (14 grams)

Purple Space Cookies (14 grams)

$144.00 $79.00

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14 Grams               $144  $79

Purple space cookies hail from the West Coast of Canada. And although its roots are firmly planted in the Rockies, due to its notoriety, spread its wings all across North America. Most who get their hands on it tend to never look back. And why would they? When the going gets good, keep going.

Also known as PSC, the hybrid strain’s history is a bit murky. Cannabis historians debate over its lineage, but the consensus is 2 very similar variations exist. One thing that’s consistent with both is their high levels of THC and pine fresh smell. PSC is often reported at a staggering 20% THC! All those who have a higher than average tolerance find Purple Space Cookies to be an optimal balance of mental activity and “body stone.”

Let’s say you won’t be stuck to the couch, but you’ll soon forget your back was ever sore.

Whichever version you may happen to land on, it’s guaranteed to place a smile on your face. If you like good vibes and an unwavering pep in your step, then get on the Purple Space Cookies train.

Up to 19-21% THC

Parents: GSC x Durban Poison

Flavours: Berry, Pine, Pungent, Sweet

Effects: Focused, Energized, Uplifted, Euphoric


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