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Weemo Products Concentrates Hash Soil 2 Oil – GGC Kief Pressed Bubble Hash

Soil 2 Oil – GGC Kief Pressed Bubble Hash

(1 customer review)
$70.00 $50.00

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God’s Green Crack 79U Kief Pressed Bubble Hash

1 Gram for $70

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SKU: C5-STO-001-0

Soil 2 Oil Kief Pressed Bubble Hash

Soil 2 Oil Bubble Hash is pressed with God’s Green Crack Kief. Creating a Kief-based Bubble Hash! Soil 2 Oil uses nothing other than premium cannabis.

Bubble hash is a cannabis concentrate made using ice water. Bubble hash is one of many different extracts of cannabis. It is typically a dark brown, somewhat crumbly solid. Bubble hash is made by extracting structures that contain the majority of marijuana’s active ingredients, these structures are called trichomes.


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1 review for Soil 2 Oil – GGC Kief Pressed Bubble Hash

  1. Malcom Jr

    Tastes like cinnamon and spice when you smoke it! awesome!!

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