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Weemo Blog Events Smoking Weed With Seth Rogan
October 29, 2019

Smoking Weed With Seth Rogan

Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner – New way to enjoy Vancouver

Smoking weed with Seth Rogan in Vancouver seems like every stoner’s dream, right?

Chef David Chang takes his insatiable curiosity about food, and culture, in the convivial company of fun-loving celebrity guests. In episode one we see David take a trip to Vancouver and meet up with Seth Rogan. Seth reminisces over dim sum with David Chang. While the two smoke weed and Seth Rogan shows off his favourite things to do while in Vancouver.

smoking weed with seth rogan
David Chang and Seth Rogan Smoking Weed in Vancouver

Smoking Weed With Seth Rogan

As Seth Rogan and David Chang pull in to Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver; Seth recounts how he only smokes joints that he rolls himself. “I only trust myself,” when it comes to his medication. Smoking weed with Seth Rogan seems like quite a comfortable experience as he guides Chang through his first tokes of a joint. 

After Seth sets a timer to make sure Chang isn’t ingesting too much at a time, they recount their first meeting at SNL. Also, their last encounter which focused on Seth’s fundraiser Hilarity for Charity. Where they joke feverishly about the copious amount of weed that was smoked.

Seth, “while not one to recount compliments” as he says. Mentions how even Snoop Dogg appreciates the effort and skill that goes into his doobies. He explains that every cross-joint smoked in the movie Pineapple Express Was actually rolled by him.

As the medication kicks in the two make their way to the Breakfast part of the tour. Nothing better than a little wake and bake with Seth Rogan, am I right?

Breakfast in the Granville Market

Smoking weed with seth rogan
Granville Island Market

After exchanging laughs about Seth’s childhood experiences in the market filled with fish stalls and bakeries,  the two stop by Seth’s favourite Doughnut shop. They experience a widespread of homemade doughnuts made by a long-time Vancouver staple, Lee’s Donuts. Bakers at the shop even show the two special jelly filling secrets that you’ll have to check out yourself!

Before heading out onto the water for some sport fishing, Seth Rogan and David Chang enjoy yet another smoke session. This time along Vancouver’s beautiful shoreline; where Seth shows off The Sea Wall and Stanley Park. Two of Vancouver’s nicest tourist attractions downtown!

Seth Rogan gets the Royal Treatment

After smoking weed twice in one day its easy to see the munchies settle in on David Chang. Seth brings him to the Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant on the main street in Vancouver to discover what Dim Sum is all about.

To the surprise of both stoned restaurant-goers, a plate of chicken feet land on the table. Seth admits, “though I have eaten these in the past I didn’t check [them] off”. As they devour the unorthodox meal and converse over the similarities between movie making and being a chef, the Owner and Manager of the restaurant Wallace Yuen, comes out to greet them.  After admitting to serving them up the best the kitchen had to offer he also takes the two celebrity diners on a tour of the kitchen. The behind scenes tour included views of the woks and also the meticulously cleaned prep stations.

Getting lost with Seth Rogan in Vancouver

Seth brings Chang to the Van Dusen Gardens, smack dab in the middle of Vancouver. Before entering the hedge maze, the two light up another joint for a digestif. Seth recounts tales of being a kid and doing mushrooms or smoking weed while inside the hedge maze.

After a few more puffs of Seth’s personal stash, and a quick samosa break the two end up in Richmond for BBQ duck.

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