Strain Spotlight: Birthday Cake Kush

Strain Spotlight: Birthday Cake Kush

Strain Spotlight

Strain Spotlight is a series dedicated to examining and dissecting cannabis strains found in the Canadian Market. Each spotlight on our cannabis strains will include reviews, its most common effects, where to find it, and more.

Quick Run Down on Birthday Cake Kush

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Birthday Cake Kush, also known as Wedding Cake, is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong body effects and sweet cake-like flavor. These buds have a super frosty appearance, much like a birthday cake, with large and dense oversized heart-shaped light forest green nugs that have sparse fiery orange hairs. Birthday Cake Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is created through a cross of the insanely delicious Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie strains.

Strain Spotlight further insights

Birthday Cake Kush is the perfect way to end your day, with deeply relaxing effects that soothe the body without sedating the mind. This strain is preferred by patients treating pain, anxiety, appetite loss, inflammation, and headaches. The high starts happy and euphoric. Launching your mood into the sky with a complete wiping of any mental pain or racing thoughts. As your mind soars, your body will fall into a deeply relaxing state. That immediately locks you to anything you’re sitting on. You’ll fall victim to a deeply sedated state that will eventually lull you into a deep and peaceful pain-free sleep. The strain’s aroma is not just your typical vanilla cake scent. It smells like weed cake which is not a bad thing though as users can still enjoy a nostalgic vanilla cake scent without losing the classic funkiness of weed.


Like the name ‘Birthday Cake Kush’ suggests, this bud has a crazy flavour. Fruits, vanilla, and skunk with a hint of sweet nuttiness upon exhale. The smell is a little mellower, with a sweet piney pungency that has a slightly vanilla overtone. Again, most users agree on the part that Birthday Cake Kush tastes like the actual cake: sweet, nutty, buttery. It does have all these flavors. But, that is just not everything to it.

In fact, the sweetness of this strain depends on certain phenotypes. The cake-like flavors may be prominent in other variants, but others tend to be a little sour and tangy with only a few hints of creaminess.

Nonetheless, when exhaling on its smoke, the sweetness of the strain comes out along with some rich and creamy tastes that can be likened to an actual cake.


Unfortunately, not a lot of information about this strain’s cultivation is made available to the public. So far, what is known about Birthday Cake Kush is the fact that no seeds of the strain are available commercially. Instead, prospective growers may have to take some cuttings from a healthy plant and grow them as clones.

As a hybrid strain, Birthday Cake Kush may be grown either indoor or outdoor. Outdoor cultivation will require a warm or humid climate with daytime temperatures within a 70° Fahrenheit range.

Note that Cherry Pie is a mold resistant plant. Therefore, the same characteristic may be passed down to some phenotypes of Birthday Cake Kush.

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