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Weemo Blog Events Strain Spotlight: Diablo Death Bubba
September 26, 2019

Strain Spotlight: Diablo Death Bubba

Strain Spotlight

Strain Spotlight is a series dedicated to examining and dissecting cannabis strains found in the Canadian Market. Each spotlight on our cannabis strains will include reviews, its most common effects, where to find it, and more.

Quick Run Down on Diablo Death Bubba

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This very potent indica strain is definitely not a day-time smoke. A crossbreed between Diablo and Death Bubba, Diablo Death Bubba is a top tier flower. It is heavy hitting and will get you right behind the eyes for a long-lasting, intense high. Diablo Death Bubba is very flavourful and provides a nice, clean burn.

Strain Spotlight further insights

Diablo Death Bubba is incredibly potent and it is not to be underestimated at any costs. Upon closer inspection you will come to realize it has an incredible blend of taste and aroma.  Those who are new to smoking cannabis are advised to stay away from the strain. Not only does it last for hours but the strain offers a sensational head high. Additionally, you will feel a strong buzz overcome your body. The effects of the strain can provide pain relief and are perfect for individuals suffering from headaches and even migraines. Rest assured the strain does knock you out for a good nights rest.


Where to buy

This Strain is available in Weemo’s Premium Cannabis Line. We take pride in selecting only the finest cannabis. Each lineup runs through intensive screenings to find the best aromas, flavours, and effects. We aim to present the perfect combination of quality traits to deliver an unparalleled cannabis experience.

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