Strain Spotlight: Zurple Breath

Strain Spotlight

Strain Spotlight is a series dedicated to examining and dissecting cannabis strains found in the Canadian Market. Each spotlight on our cannabis strains will include reviews, its most common effects, where to find it, and more.

Quick Run Down on Zurple Breath

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Zurple Breath is an exotic cross of Zkittles, Purple Punch and Ice Cream Cake. This batch is a truly exquisite offering in every sense. Dazzling to the eyes with frosted peaks on large sappy/resinous buds.  They also peacock a lovely blend of light emerald greens over vibrant orange pistils. The nose is complex and loud while it greets you with punchy tropical sourness over a fresh citrus and floral backdrop. The flavours imparted are sweet, candy-forward and tart with a hint of doughy after taste.

Strain Spotlight further insights

The colourful crosses in this strains lineage create a fruity aroma of sweet lemons and earthy berries. Impressive trichome development and bright orange pistils stand out against pale greens and purples — if you look closely enough, you can even see some ripe amber trichome heads. This sativa-dominant hybrid leads with lemony, woody notes before settling into a fruity, skunky sweetness, reminding us a lot of its parent, Zkittlez, and maintaining an enjoyable fruity pungency throughout.

Offering a spacey cerebral buzz followed by a physical sensation of heaviness, with dry eyes as a possible adverse effect, this Zurple Breath is of above-average potency. Due to the strain’s characteristics, users with lower tolerance should only use Zurple Breath in moderation and may experience dizziness.

Zurple Breathis a BC bred strain that smells and tastes like almost nothing else we have tried in a while. The high hits the head right away in an almost sativa like buzz then melts down into the body for a full body relaxation.

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