Vancouver Police Raid yet another Dispensary

Vancouver Police Raid dispensary

A Vancouver police raid on an illegal cannabis dispensary has the city protesting. The raid has unearthed more questions about how far we have come with legalization.

Whats it like to smoke weed in Vancouver?

Owner of the dispensary Dana Larsen says that raiding the shop offers no sort of public service. Due to the fact that many of the customers of Larsen’s downtown dispensary are low-income individuals of the Down Town East Side, using cannabis as an alternative to hard drugs or alcohol.  Sick and elderly are turned away in droves. Meanwhile, police officers inside confiscate all products and cash within the premises.

Roger Collete, a 69-year-old cancer patient, tells Global News that he is now sick and shaking, from being unable to access his medical Cannabis. While protesters gathered outside the police station in Vancouver. Spokespeople of the Vancouver Police Department issued a statement that they were merely helping a Provincial task force. That was tasked with leading the raid on the Vancouver dispensary.

Mike Farnworth, the head of this community safety unit details that atleast 300 illegal dispensaries have closed since the news laws have been in place. While Dana Larsen and his team have applied for the appropriate licensing to operate. The city of Vancouver and the provincial government have yet to approve his Vancouver dispensary. 

In the meantime, he says that his Vancouver dispensary serving the sick and elderly of downtown will remain open. Despite the losses, they are working to restock the shelves and get medication back into the hands of those that need it.


What are your thoughts on the Vancouver Dispensary raid?

Not every Canadian has access to buying weed online and some of us need it more than others. Here at Weemo, it hurts our hearts to see patients go without the medication they need.

What do you think about the VPD raiding yet another Vancouver Dispensary?

Let us know below!

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