Your Cannabis Valentine’s Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is all around us. Stumped on what to get your kush king or queen? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have the gift guide for any budget to get the two of you vibing on a whole other level. From Valentine’s classics like chocolates to alternative ways to get high, every gift has cannabis in mind. And love too, of course. While you’re checking it out, you might even find something to treat yourself to. Who says you can’t be your own valentine?

Cannabis Chocolates

Keep it classy and classic with gourmet infused chocolates that are as beautiful and delectable as they are psychoactive. Just a few awesome options: Sweet Jane Mini Turtles; the elegant MOTA 300mg Chocolate Bars; and the dangerously strong MOTA THC Cube – 600mg of THC.

Infused MealVegan weed cookies

A great valentines day gift is an experience, like a good meal. There are so many recipes online for weed and CBD infused dishes. Have a special romantic night in. You could impress your sweetheart with your awesome weed cooking skills, or have a great time cooking with THC and CBD products together. Popular recipes include using CBD or THC infused oils to make guacamole, slushies, pasta dishes, cookies, and bread. Enhance the mood with some great music, low lighting, and hemp candles.

Medicated Massage

Cannabis massage oil has revolutionized relaxing romantic evenings. A massage is a nice way to get close to each other and set a romantic mood. Make a super intimate evening with hemp candles and take away the negative tension and stress from the day. Treat your sweetheart to a wellness session with a THC infused massage, where you’re the masseuse. It can create that sexy intimate vibe you want on valentine day. You can take it one sexy step further with cannabis-infused lubricants.

Cannabis Bath bombs

Delush Soap Scrub
Delush Soap Scrub

Miss Envy Bath Bombs will turn up the good vibes with floral aromas and essential oils to relax the body and mind all at once. Not to mention it’ll put you both in the mood. Don’t forget about Delush Pink Watermelon Soap Scrub, with 300mg of CBD. No matter which one you pick, you really can’t go wrong.

Sexy Strains

valentines day gift guide
Sexy Strains

A sweet card and a sexy strain can go a long way toward making Valentine’s night one to remember. Simply put, smoking pot heightens our senses, making it feel goddamn amazing to touch and be touched. Here is our list of Top 6 sexy strains:

Cherry Diesel

If you want to get faded but still have enough energy to have incredible sex for hours, this is the herb for you. Providing an instant energy boost, this sativa will make you euphoric and lively, and will definitely make you want to take your pants off and get weird. And likewise, they’ll want to take her pants off and get weird, too. Everybody wins.

Strawberry Cough

As the name implies, this is some of that real shit that will make you cough up a lung even if you’ve been smoking the dankest broccoli for years, which isn’t a bad thing. I heard through the grapevine that coughing gets you higher, so there’s that.
Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa blend, giving you a relaxing, tingly body high, while the cerebral, uplifting effects slap a smile on your face without rendering you a vegetable.

Granddaddy Purple

Thanks to its arousing combo of cerebral euphoria and a relaxing high, getting aroused after a hit or two of this indica is basically guaranteed, which leads me to say Granddaddy Purple is basically green (purple?) Viagra. Generally used to relieve pain, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms, those effects come together in the sack to lower inhibitions and make everything feel incredible, making for some of the best Valentine’s Day sex you’ll literally ever have.

Sour Diesel

If you’re more of a “let’s bang like rabbits” type of couple, this is the sticky icky of your weed-fueled dreams. With energizing, dreamy cerebral effects, this sativa dominant hybrid floods you with an energetic and insatiable lusty desire, and makes every touch feel as if you’re being kissed by an angel.

Ultimate Trainwreck

For times you really want to get cloud nined and send your noggin on a trip to a different dimension, I recommend Ultimate Trainwreck. This high THC sativa will obliterate your mental clarity, but in a good way, while arousing your creativity and your body. If you and your special friend are down to get freakier than usual but are just a tad apprehensive, a little bit of this weed will melt away your inhibitions and shyness into sweet, sweet nothing.
Just a few hits of this grass and you’re ready for takeoff.

Purple Princess

If I were to describe Purple Princess in one meaningful word, it would be dank. It doesn’t take much for this cannabis to get you high as a pie. This hybrid will make you feel euphoric, uplifted, and deliciously tingly from head to toe. And you know what that means, don’t you? Yup, sex will be a creative, euphoric, tingly erotic journey headed straight towards orgasmville.
Word to the wise: be careful when smoking this strain, because one hit too many, and your ass will grow roots into the couch and you might forget what Valentine’s  Day even is.

Not Feeling Romantic?

If you’re single, why not buy yourself the weed gift you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself because you deserve it. Valentine day is a great day to spend with friends too. There are cannabis products that could make fun wellness and pampering night with the girls, or treat yourself to a sesh with your best buddies. If you like cooking, try out some infused recipes with friends and have some tasty treats for a movie night. 

There’s a gift for every weed lover out there. Have a great time with your special someone or treat yourself to a great night with friends. Whatever you do, there are so many ways to enhance your romantic day with cannabis products. Get unique or get creative and have a romantic, chill valentine’s day.

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